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Why us

At the European Health Physiotherapy Center the patient comes first. Our clinic provides individual and personal care in a comfortable and relaxing environment, while providing the latest methods of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness sessions. All of our employees are committed to providing patients with the highest possible standards of treatment and services

We work on a flexible team based approach to ensure our clients receive the best possible treatment. Our Therapists consult with each other regularly, and if there is a feeling that you would benefit from one of our other services, this will be suggested to you. We also work closely with doctors and specialists from outside of Oman to provide the latest methods of physical therapy, in addition to specialists in sports medicine, muscles and bones.

As a European Health Center client, we want you to advance in treatment as quickly as possible, and we are fully committed to helping you achieve this. We provide follow-up service between appointments if needed, and encourage self-management and education

We understand that your time is important and try to strictly adhere to deadlines. So we do not over-schedule our appointments so that we can give you our full attention

We have dedicated and professional therapists who provide one-to-one treatment to ensure effective and fast results. This includes physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists and dieticians

Mahmood Al Balushi


Our Team


Nilofer Kotwal

Physiotherapist and Fitness Specialist

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT) From Tilak Maharashtra University - India

9 years of work experience


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